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Fort Lauderdale Beach Engagement Session

This engagement session is what all my photographer dreams were made of. We had gusty winds, crashing waves, rocks, golden hour light and a couple that are so wildly in love that they barely looked at my camera. I asked Khye and Alyse to take 5 minutes to connect while I took some photos of her ring (I love a unique ring!) Let's be real - almost every photoshoot is prefaced with some crazy on the way there. I know you can't always step into your session loved up, relaxed and ready to intimately connect with your partner while a camera shutter is going off. Especially if you've rushed out of work, dropped off kids, hustled to get ready and run over to meet me before sundown. I put on their fave song and gave them some time to ease into the session. Honestly, they probably didn't need it. I'll let the photos below be the testament to that. Their wild love was electric, and it was exciting to capture their intensity for each other. We ended the session with them running into the waves, and me running in behind them. My dress was soaked up to my chest, (which got me some questions when I went to pick up dinner on my way home.) The results were worth it...

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