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HELLO I’m Laura

I have an insatiable need to document authenticity.

The better portion of my life has been spent with a camera in my hands.

I've spent 8 years running my own businesses with the last 5 full-time as a wedding and family photographer.

I was born in the beautiful countryside of England an hour outside of London, and had a childhood which I’m sure I’ve romanticized  — You’ll find me doing that often. 


I'm a storytelling photographer based in South Florida. I look and find beauty in the mundane.

My inspiration is born from minimalism, natural light, cloud changes, connection, vulnerability, crashing waves, imperfection, grain, laughter, honest stories, human interaction, movement, raw emotion, windy days, landscapes, moonrise, low light, genuine feelings, and countless more  — I am constantly in awe of creation, and The One who created it.

My goal is to tell your story — unobtrusively documenting the best days of your life, and creating visual poetry where you’ll look back and remember how it felt.

My photography and editing style is neutral soft hues, with warm undertones and true to color cool tones —Think relaxed images, flooded in light with vintage vibes, without shying away from movement and grain.

I am a Christ seeking, extroverted introvert, with tendencies to stay up too late and wake up too early for fear of missing something exceptional.

My husband and I homeschool our two amazing children to allow for the flexibility to travel and to prioritize our relationship with them and each other.

I couldn't be more honored to be invited into your biggest and often most intimate moments. That is never lost on me.

Let’s tell your story together.


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