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Courtney & Michael Wedding Sneak Peeks - Laura Palacios Photography-31.jpg

"Laura has the most amazing eye and attention to detail. She is truly an artist. I am so glad I was able to have her as my wedding photographer, and that I will have these photos to look back on. She is so easy to be around and creates such a calm environment. It's more than just how amazing her photos turn out, it's really the entire experience that is 5 stars. I will book her in a heart beat for whatever my Photography needs might be."
- Rebeca Arruda

"it's really the entire experience that is 5 stars"

Courtney & Michael Wedding Sneak Peeks Film - Laura Palacios Photography-26.jpg
Rachel & Griffin Sneak Peeks - Laura Palacios Photography-57.jpg

Laura is an artist--incredibly talented and creative--and is a joy to work with. We had a vision for what we wanted for our engagement photos, and Laura saw that vision and made it come to life. She is professional and is a calming presence. Thank you, Laura, for perfectly capturing memories that my husband and I can look back on for a lifetime!"
- LC.

"Laura saw that vision and made it come to life"

"fun and easy going"

"Laura was outstanding to work with. Very accommodating, fun, and easy going. A lot of photographers can be very pushy and bossy but she just went with the flow. We came up with a plan for my surprise proposal in an hour after meeting for the first time in Paris and everything worked out. Would recommend to anybody and everybody!"
- Chris Nguyen

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